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Who we are

Expo Commodities Global (Pvt) Ltd is an organization that is driven by its people. All our activities are transparently monitored, controlled, and achieved by our team. Our farmers work directly with nature to bring out the best of what Mother Nature has to offer, and our employees put together their special skill sets to maintain the highest food standards, allowing us to process globally recognized food ingredients.

Simply put, Expo Commodities (Pvt) Ltd is a transparent, traceable, and trusted global exporter of spices and coconut products since 2011. We strive to be the best in our industry, value our farmers and partners, and believe in taking on every challenge as an opportunity.

We take pride in announcing that we are one of the largest multi-origin operated spice exporters currently in existence. Our people and our customers have contributed to making us special.

At Expo Commodities Global, we masterfully prepare our products using the highest quality standards in food manufacturing to ensure that we deliver only the best to you.

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Purpose of Expo Commodities Global

Our goal at Expo Commodities Global (Pvt) Ltd is to provide the freshest, highest quality spices by sourcing directly from producers and ensuring quality through our fully-owned and integrated supply chain. We are guided by a timeless set of values and principles focused on trust, sustainability, and long-term strategic orientation.

In addition to selling our high-quality and authentic products, at ECG, we think beyond our value chain. Our purpose is “Inclusive Growth” throughout our supply chain.

Inclusive growth activities allow all our stakeholders to get involved in the development stage of our product life cycle. We enable our farmers to voice themselves, give freedom for employees to create new concepts and strategies for the betterment of the organization, and finally, we reward them for their achievements.

Expo Commodity Global (Pvt) Ltd follows the cycle of “People, Plant & Profits” to ensure a sustainable and inclusive future for all.

ECG farmer with cocoa

Our Values - Celebrating L.I.F.E

The values of Expo Commodities Global (Pvt) Ltd are pillars that support our sustainable stability. The ECG family understands the value that each member brings to the table, and with these values, we celebrate life.

LEAD one of ECG values

We are committed to leading the entire value chain process, from farmers to production, and ensuring that a proper monitoring and evaluation mechanism is in place for transparency.

INSPIRATION one of ECG values

We are devoted to developing key elements of the value chain, including financial terms, human capital, infrastructure, and processing systems that enable transparent operations.

FAIRNESS one of ECG values

We work closely with our farmers and producers to uplift their living standards by ensuring that we purchase their products at the right time, offer them a fair price, and enable inclusive growth within the farming communities.

EMPATHY one of ECG values

Throughout the value chain, we look at situations through the eyes of each individual and strive to provide practical solutions to improve their circumstances.


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